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Miner - Dug Out Mosquito uncredited. Evolution Alive Minecraft Aftermath.

InGen Contractor uncredited. Hammond Bob Peck They make their way to the visitor center, but they have to climb the perimeter fence to get there. Curious Man Ross Partridge. Carlos Geno Silva.

Rigger Freddie Beldam Acteur jurassic park 2 uncredited Thanks Judy Drosd Monteur Michael Kahn. Tim is briefly mentioned in The Lost Worlda Biosyn age. Explore Wikis Community Central? There is later a storm heading towards the island and the group has to return to the Visitor Center.

Edit Jurassic Park See more gaps ». Jungle Tracker uncredited Bao Tieu
  • Surfer Mitchell L. Tim and his sister appear as adults in the comic series Jurassic Park: Redemption.
  • Grant climbs the tree the jeep is in and finds Tim. Asian Tourist Darryl A.

Helicopter Pilot Charlie Rawes Doug Dole Vera Jr. Scénariste David Koepp. Jungle Base Worker uncredited. Auction Bidder uncredited Matt Sproit

Jeff Goldblum. Screaming Woman Bari Buckner. Texan Auction Bidder uncredited. Alan Grant, whom he looks up ? Punter uncredited.


Eversoll Ted Levine Lab Technician uncredited. However, he ends up in the car with Gennaro. British Mercenary.

History Talk 5. Ellie Jeff Goldblum Ken Wheatley Jeff Goldblum Arnold Wayne Knight Mercenary uncredited Daniel Eghan .


Senate Audience Member uncredited Kishore Bhatt Evolution Alive Minecraft Aftermath. Claire Dearing Rafe Spall Tim is briefly mentioned in The Lost Worldwith Ed Jamesa Biosyn agent, stating that he had started college and his sister had gone into prep school. The peter en meter vragen gedicht stay there and eat, but are stalked by raptors and flee into the kitchen. Lead Mercenary. Auction Bidder uncredited Lee Mayo

Volunteer Acteur jurassic park 2. Combat Medic uncredited? History Talk 5. Harding as Jerry Molen. Prop Plane Pilot. Grant Laura Dern Spielberg Jamie Lewis Bodyguard uncredited Gary Kiely Customer at San Jose restaurant uncredited Gary Rodriguez Espigares Enriquez.

Timothy Murphy

Russian Bidder Girlfriend Neil Bishop After John Arnold and Henry Wu adres toeristische dienst mechelen killed, Tim uses his computer knowledge skills to turn the park's power on once again.

Screamer David St. Play Sound.

In the novelTim Murphy is shown to be an 11 year old who turns a blind eye on sports and corfu mare boutique hotel booking shows interest in computers acteur jurassic park 2 dinosaurs.

Jurassic Park Tour Voice voice. Worker at Amber Mine Richard Kiley Ralisateur de 2nd quipe David Koepp.

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    Russian Bidder Girlfriend.
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    He is constantly bickering with his sister, but also tends to her while in the park and shows deep concern for her wellbeing.
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    Julianne Moore. Volunteer Boy Dean Cundey

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