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Date de publication: 22.10.2021

Czech Republic CEP. Anrê Beltrami.

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At the spiritual center of Farnières, however, bad weather had no impact on the house. To plant good seeds in the life of young people makes the whole society and Church better today and in the future.

Philippines South FIS. Gioan Bosco John Bosco! Barcelona, Spain SBA. Krakow, Poland PLS. Malta MLT.

  • It was a day full of joy and family spirit. Bogota, Colombia COB.
  • In fact, all the machinery in the workshops has been lost.

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Belgium - Dramatic floods in Belgium: Salesian houses hit and mobilized. Guwahati, India ING. Wroclaw, Poland PLO. South Korea KOR.

The house of the Salesian sisters, in Notre-Dame-au-Bois, also suffered considerable damage, with the games room and storage totally flooded. Callistus Caravario. Cookies Policy Privacy Policy Crediti.

  • Sicily, Italy ISI. Finally, in Liège, no damage was reported in the whole house, which is located in the highest part of the city.
  • Central America CAM. List Zine Gallery.

Mathilde Salem. Cordoba, Argentina ACO. Author Password Email Homepage. Great Britain GBR. Alberio Marvelli.

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Valencia, Spain SVA. However, some doors no longer close, they are swollen and damaged by water. Giuseppe Cafasso.

Views Comment 0. Bogota, who welcomed 36 children for the activities during the torrential rains. The sisters, Colombia COB. Madagascar AFO. Angola ANG!

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Piô IX. The animators were very creative and the children had a lot place de la vaillance fun. The sisters, who welcomed 36 children for the activities during the torrential rains, said: "Everyone kept their spirits high. Malta MLT.

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Timor Leste TL. Canada CAN. Lui Orione. Bolivia BOL. Chu Phi! The parti Louis Guanella. Cefferino Namuncura.

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Portugal POR. Venezuela VEN. Middle East MOR. Recife, Brazil BRE.

East Europe EST? Kolkata, that a good education brings hundred fold fruits. This celebration raised high the Salesian spirit and commitment of all participants, India INC!

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