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Date de publication: 18.11.2021

Zhaph Which religion prohibits vampires? We made the list from heaviest to lightest and what we are going to do is to purchase just those weights that we do not have. Tennis Pro.

Scrooge McDuck. Mr Gold Limited to just figures worldwide! Unknown March 15, at PM. Cactus Girl. Barbara Gordon. Review by: Sofie decock Date: 05 December Rating:.

Lego Rollercoaster! If you're looking for the Witch minifig, look for a bag with slope instead of legs. Unknown June 23, at PM. Cowboy Costume Guy! Frightening Knight. Princess with Frog - Rare.

  • Panda Guy - Common.
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Taco Tuesday Guy - Uncommon. Pizza Planet Alien. Female Cyborg. Series 7. Unknown January 3, at AM. Online Movie February 10, at AM. Thanks for the info!

Following is said list:. Tomahawk Warrior. Hotdog Guy. It only takes a minute to sign up. Scribble Face Cop - Common.

Minifigures Series 19

As far as I know, the contents of a box is fixed, at least for series 5 it is. Daisy Duck. Ambo Given that TLG has moved away from the bumps and dots, those are more for historical interest and an exhaustive answer than practical use at this point.

Zhaph Which religion prohibits vampires?

Rocket Boy. Musketeer - Common. Female Cyborg? Barbara Gordon. Improve this question. Ninjago Movie Figures. Disco Harley Quinn.

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If you're looking for the Witch minifig, look for a bag with slope instead of legs. Unknown January 21, at PM. Green - Has Black - Need.

Green - Has Black - Need. Rugby Player. Francisco Briseno Francisco Briseno 51 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. Thank you so much for keeping this page up to date and current.

Desert Warrior. Vacation Batgirl. Butterfly Girl!


Nurse Harly Quinn. I did not realize each box was guaranteed to contain a complete set. Unknown June 11, at PM.

LegoBoy LegoBoy 1 1 gold badge 3 3 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. Read more Read less. Series 8. Improve this question.

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    Larry the Barista - Uncommon. Batman
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    25.11.2021 02:03
    Circus Strongman.

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